The Meaning of Jewellery

Who wouldn’t be thrilled upon receiving or owning a gleaming, elegant piece of jewellery? Brides-to-be cry in joy when they receive that sparkling diamond engagement ring. Elderly couples lovingly look at each other’s eyes as they reminisce their years of love when they give each other diamond-studded eternity rings. Graduates hold their head up high and proud as they show off their class rings. Come to think of it, even in ancient tribes use jewellery identify positions of power, show respect their deities, and even protect themselves during times of battle.

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Truly, jewellery transcends merely fashion. These glittering adornments hold so much meaning, from sentimental to cultural, across the world. No wonder these items are precious treasures.

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More than Just Jewellery

The 13th Crystal is also a resource of useful information about jewellery. Want to know techniques on how to clean pieces with soft stones? How does ultrasonic cleaning work? How can you ascertain that the ring you have in your finger contains an authentic diamond? Can you repair antique chains and bangles? You can find answers, tips, advice, updates, news, and other useful information about jewellery here.

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