How Do You Know Your Engagement Ring?

4641589345_a74996f89f There is that one moment in their lives that women consider as being one of the happiest, most exciting, and most important. That moment comes when the man of her dreams treats her to a romantic evening in a fine-dining restaurant. After dinner, he then presents her (with poetry and song, if he can manage it) with an extremely beautiful, elegant engagement ring while asking her hand in marriage. Once the woman accepts the ring and says yes, she formally agrees to a new, exciting, and wonderful life with her future husband and family, carving her own path to love, life, and success.

Presenting an engagement ring to the betrothed is part of a wedding tradition that spans many eons ago. Just like the infinite number of ways the ring could be presented (yes, countless guys can be surprisingly creative in giving the ring to their ladies), engagement rings can also come in a lot of different styles.

Generally, the preferred metal for the setting is gold, platinum, or titanium. These are hard-wearing and good-looking, but they are also quite expensive. For the cash-strapped guy, he can opt for an engagement band with a silver or stainless steel setting. This does not mean, however, that cheaper rings are inferior in design and style. In fact, they exhibit the same eye-catching, interesting designs of more expensive bands.

For most women, diamonds are the gems of choice that form the highlight of such rings. That’s why most engagement rings have a diamond or two at its heart. The diamonds themselves may differ in the style of cut. For instance, solitaire rings feature one large diamond on its mount, and that diamond may be round, rectangular, teardrop-shaped, or heart-shaped. The prong settings (the claws that hold the diamond) may differ in style and number. As you can see, even a single type of gemstone arrangement on an engagement band has a lot of variations.

Solitaire-type gem arrangements are not the only popular styles. Just like how diamond pendants come in many different shapes, styles and sizes, engagement rings can come in many different designs. Engagement rings with side stones, for example, are also common. The design features a large diamond at the center of the setting. Smaller diamonds are set at the sides of the larger one. 561331377_061aecf46a_n When viewed from a distance, this arrangement makes the ring appear as if it has one extremely large diamond. Another variation of this style involves three diamonds of equal size arranged horizontally on the setting. Called trinity or trilogy rings, these rings typically represent the couple’s past, present, and future. For some, these stones represent the immortal phrase “I Love You.”

When a gentleman looks at a fantastic array of multi stone rings and single-stone bands to find the perfect engagement present for his lady, he might come across a bridal set. This is a “package” that includes an engagement band and a wedding ring. Usually, each of the pieces looks incomplete; both rings need to be worn together to make the entire piece look whole. Many people present bridal sets as they come out cheaper than purchasing the rings individually. Bridal sets also render the problem of mismatched rings as moot.

As a final point, engagement rings are traditionally worn by women only. Today, however, there are now engagement rings specially designed for men. Thus, a lady may present an engagement ring to his guy as a positive response to his permission to become the love of her life.