How to Buy and Antique Ring

A minority of people getting married buy antique rings for themselves. They feel that buying an antique piece gives them a piece of history or being more in a romantic mood.

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Antique rings, are normally 100 years old minimum and up. If it is less than a 100 years old it is considered to be an estate piece. Antique rings, belong to an era where the design was Victorian or comes from an Edwardian époque era, where platinum was introduced to the design of the traditional gold and silver pieces.

Most of the stones set in the rings also come from Burmese rubies , Japanese Pearls, Columbian emeralds and Kashmiri sapphire. Stones can range from USD 200 to USD 200,000 per antique ring.

Most of the rings also come with a diamond. It is better to have the diamond appraised before buying that ring.
Some of the rings, come with Pearls. Most pearls are undervalued, but if you get them to a right appraiser, you might be surprised at what the ring might cost.

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There are three kinds of antique rings. Victorian, from 1835-1900. Stones are yellow and it has a mine cut with small stones set around the ring.

The second is the Edwardian era. 1900-1920. Rings are in platinum, and most are in scroll works with lacy and pierced details.

The last is the art deco era. This era is from the 1920-1940. The rings have Egyptian and Asian influences and have other gemstones on the ring.

And Lastly, make sure to shop around, get a gemologist report on what you are buying and make sure that the vendor has a generous return policy in case you have to return the ring.