Magnificent Diamond Pendants for Your Sweetheart on Her Happiest Day

Coming around the corner is your girlfriend’s birthday. Of course, you want to give her a gift. But this time, you would like to give her something very special to let her know how special she is. So what will you give her? A brand-new laptop? That’s great but she already has one. A fancy dress? Cool, but she probably has hundreds of it in the closer. A sports car? Oh yes, if you are a millionaire, which, sadly, you’re not. What about a nice pendant? Now we’re talking!

diamond pendant

Image by Pazit Polak via Flickr

A diamond pendant is considered as one of the most romantic and classiest gifts that you can give to your sweetheart. It encapsulates everything you want in a special gift. It is precious, symbolic of your love, and beautiful. I’m pretty sure your sweetie will squeal in delight in receiving a sparkling pendant from you.

There are many types of diamond pendants to pick from. Your choice depends on your personal preferences, your sweetie’s preferences, and your budget.

1. Solitaire Pendants
Solitaire pendants feature a large, single diamond with either a simple or complex setting. The pendant may be stand-alone or comes with a chain. There are various kinds of solitaire designs such as round brilliant cut, square-shaped princess cuts, teardrop-shaped marquise cuts, oval-shaped pearl cuts, and dainty heart-shaped cuts. Some solitaire pendants are sold with empty settings, which allow you to fit a diamond of your choice. These make perfect gifts for ladies who want glamour and luxury.

2. Pave Pendants
Pave pendants are popular jewellery, and they make a great statement. A pave-set pendant usually features a simple shape such as a flower, heart, or clover. The cavities in the designs are then sprinkled with a shower of tiny diamonds. This creates a glittering diamond surface when light shines on the pendants. If you or your lady wants a more subtle effect than that permeated by a solitaire-type cut, then a pave pendant is for you.

3. Halo Pendants
A truly amazing design, this pendant features a large round, teardrop, or heart-shaped frame. At the center of this frame is diamond that is suspended on a chain or hinge. The gem is usually in a pear or teardrop shape to enhance the effect of the halo. This is an excellent companion to a beautiful pair of chandelier earrings or scintillating diamond bracelets. A halo pendant is also a perfect accessory for an elegant long gown.

beautiful necklace

Image by Bharat Mirchandan via Flickr

4. Diamond-accented Pendants
If your special lady wants something unassuming and subtle, then a diamond-accented pendant is for her. The pendant is basically a piece of white gold, yellow gold, platinum, titanium, or sterling silver that is skillfully shaped into a nice form such as a heart, a leaf, or a circle. Embedded in the metal are tiny notes of diamond dust, which add sparkle and fire. The best thing about diamond accented pendants is that they are less expensive than most other types of pendants. If you’re a bit cash-strapped but still want to give something to your ladylove, then buy this pendant for her.

You can buy beautifully designed diamond pendants in online stores or your local jewellery shops. Ask a professional jeweler to help you pick the ideal pendant for your sweetheart.