Protecting That Glittering Treasure on Your Finger

jessica-biel-engagement-ring-close-up-450 For a woman with class, the diamond ring is the epitome of  jewellery perfection. Whether it is an elegant engagement ring, a sparkling eternity ring, or a cute friendship ring, she knows that she has a precious treasure on her finger. For her, it’s not just a piece of jewellery; it’s a concrete symbol of something important in her life—love, commitment, power, affluence, purity, even courage.

When a woman considers her jewellery as more than just an expensive body adornment, it becomes extremely priceless. If you are such a woman, it is apparent that you need to ensure that the important treasure you have on your hand never gets damaged, filthy, or lost. How, then, can you ensure that it remains a sparkling treasure?

1. Don’t make it dirty. Yes, it sounds easy and common sense. However, you wouldn’t believe how many people forget that they’re wearing jewellery while they’re getting their hands dirty. When you cook meals, clean your floor, tend the garden, participate in sports, apply make-up, you are exposing your ring to dirt, dust, oil, and grime. Make sure you’re not wearing your ring when you’re doing a dirty job or when you’re playing a sport activity.

2. Clean it regularly. Wait, you’ve followed the advice above and the ring is still dirty? Sadly, yes. Sweat and oil excreted from your skin and the dust in the air can form a layer of grime on the diamond’s surface. That layer significantly reduces the sparkle, fire, and brilliance of the stone. Thus, it is imperative that you clean your diamond regularly, around once a week. Blend a cleaning solution by mixing a small amount of mild detergent with warm water. Use an old toothbrush to apply this solution to your ring. Scrub gently to avoid damaging the ring. It is also good advice to have a professional jeweller clean your ring once a year.

3. Protect it from damage. Even though your diamond is the hardest substance on Earth, the precious metal setting that holds it is fragile. For instance, the prong that holds the stone can be bent. The gold shank can become damaged, misshaped, or dented. The gem may be pried off after being subjected to excessive force.

imprint message rings 1 Avoid damaging your ring by removing it before you undertake any activity that may cause blunt impact such as arranging furniture, engaging in sports, or lifting weights in a gym.

4. Secure it. One of the worst things that can happen to you is to lose a precious item. Thus, if you remove your ring, always remember to put it in its designated container. Do not put your engagement ring on a counter top, above the sink, or on a window-sill. After removing it from your finger, make sure you put it in your jewellery box before doing other things.

5. Insure it. No matter how much effort you invest in keeping your ring safe, there is always a slight chance that you will lose it. For instance, your home may be burglarised, and your ring may have caught the interest of the thief. Such a dreadful scenario is something that is unexpected. Therefore, have your ring and other pieces of precious jewellery insured. Yes, the sentimental value may be irrecoverable, but at least, you get your money, or part of it, back.

Keep your treasure clean and safe!