Romantic, Creative Ways of Proposing – Without Breaking Your Piggy Bank

pave-diamond-engagement-ring-tr56nsnc Since the diamond engagement ring came into fruition and became the instrument of asking for a woman’s hand in marriage, men have devised increasingly creative ways to woo their special women into saying “yes” to the big question. If you’ve exhausted your avenues on how to present that precious ring you just bought with your life savings, check out these awesome ideas:

* Be her knight in shining armour . . . literally! Before the proposal day, rent a knight’s armour costume from a theatrical company or costume shop. Then ask her to meet you at a nice park that has a horseback-riding service or riding stables. When she arrives, ride up to her (yes, on a horse and in your knight costume), dismount, and offer the diamond on a bended knee.

* Take a lovely photo of her and take it to an artist. Let the artist paint her portrait, but ask him to add a diamond ring on her finger. When you give her the portrait, she will definitely be puzzled why there’s a ring on her finger. That’s your cue to present the real engagement ring.

* Buy a cute stuffed toy that she’s always wanted. Tie the engagement ring on the toy’s neck, hand, or body with a ribbon. Now, before she arrives home from work, place the toy on her bed. Upon her arrival, act normal so she won’t have any suspicions that a surprise is coming her way. You would probably hear her whoop in happiness and surprise when she enters the room and sees the toy—and your ring—on the bed.

Close up of man making a proposal of marriage * If you plan to propose during the Yule season, then do this. Adorn your Christmas tree with light and only ONE décor, the jewellery box that holds your ring. Then invite her for a nice, romantic Christmas dinner. After the meal, ask her what she thinks of the Christmas tree. For sure, she will notice the jewellery box, and when she open’s it, pop the question.

* Tell a friend a few harmless, fun secrets about the two of you and have him or her pose as a psychic. During a palm-reading, card-reading, etc. session with your sweetheart, ask the “psychic” the appropriate questions. Then have the psychic enigmatically say, “A diamond ring will be given to you in the near future.” That’s your cue to present the diamond and blurt out your proposal.

* Set a romantic movie date, but days prior to that, rent an advertisement page for your proposal. Ask the operator to flash the proposal during the trailer. Obviously, you must have the ring in your possession.

* This method carries a bit of risk, but it is well worth it. Put your ring in an old bottle together with a piece of paper that says “Will you marry me,” then add your sweetheart’s name. Partially bury the bottle in an idyllic, secluded beach then take your sweetheart for a walk. Point out the bottle (feign innocence, surprise, and curiosity, of course) to your girlfriend and suggest that you open it to check the contents.

What do you think of these ideas? Feel free to share other creative proposal ideas.